Slash & Snip


In the summer months, some paths and stiles get overgrown and difficult to walk.

This is too much work for our small band of volunteers to keep under control, but with help from other walkers it becomes easy.


If you walk a path on which nettles or other soft growth are growing, bash it down with your stick or trample it as you go through.

If you do this when the growth is quite small, it will stop it getting to the point of being difficult to get through and will also help to weaken it for future years.


In July, this treatment on the young growth of Bracken goes a long way to stopping paths becoming impassable.


The other problem is brambles across a path and hedges and trees putting out spurs across the way, particularly at stiles.

For these a pair of secateurs is needed.

If you could carry a pair and just occasionally snip as you go it would be a great help to your fellow walkers.


You do need to bear in mind that hedges & trees belong to the landowner.

In theory the landowner should do this, but you are entitled to do so if they do not, but you should only cut enough to make a clear path through.

If you have any doubts about this, please contact us for further advice.


We do not expect you to delay your walk, but just take a few seconds as you go through.

It will be such a help to other walkers on the same route later in the summer.

Just think how delighted you would be to find a path kept clear by other walkers before you.